TWIST Bioscience created a revolutionary silicon-based DNA synthesis platform, that offers precision at a scale otherwise unavailable to our customers. Twist Bioscience developed the DNA Synthesis Platform to address the limitations of throughput, scalability and cost inherent in legacy DNA synthesis methods. Applying rigorous engineering principles to harness the highly-scalable production and processing infrastructure of the semiconductor industry allows us to achieve precision in manufacturing DNA at scale. TWIST have industrialized the production of cost-effective, high-fidelity, high-throughput DNA, which is delivered to our customers via seamless Online Ordering.


Silicon-powered DNA synthesis:

Twist Bioscience developed a proprietary semiconductor-based synthetic DNA manufacturing process featuring a high-throughput silicon platform that allows us to miniaturize the chemistry necessary for DNA synthesis. This miniaturization allows us to reduce the reaction volumes by a factor of 1,000,000 while increasing throughput by a factor of 1,000, enabling the synthesis of 9,600 genes on a single silicon chip at full scale. Traditional synthesis methods produce a single gene in the same physical space using a 96-well plate.

– Innovative silicon-based DNA Synthesis  Platform enables production of high-quality synthetic DNA faster and more affordable than ever  before.
– Platform technology overcomes inefficiencies and powers cost-effective, rapid high-throughput synthesis
– Quality and quantity of our synthetic biology tools help researchers rapidly realize opportunities ahead




DNA products:

– Clonal Genes and Gene fragments
– Oligos Pool, e.g. CRISPR guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries
– Variant Libraries with specific modifications
– NGS – Target Enrichment Solutions