The Sartorius Lab Products & Services Division is a broad-based premium supplier of high-quality laboratory instruments, high-grade consumables and excellent services. The customers are from research and quality assurance laboratories of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as well as from the academic sector. The product portfolio of the division focuses on high-value laboratory instruments, such as lab balances, pipettes and laboratory water purification systems. Moreover, the company offer the widest range of consumables, such as laboratory filters and pipette tips. In laboratory weighing technology, the company ranks as the world’s second largest equipment supplier, and enjoys a strong position among the leading global suppliers for consumables, pipettes and laboratory water purification systems.

Bioprocess Solutions

The Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions Division is a leading international provider of integrated solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. With the company’s extensive portfolio of products, technologies and services, they cover wide areas of the biopharmaceutical process chain, ranging from fermentation, cell cultivation, filtration and purification to media storage and transportation. In process filtration, fermentation and fluid management, the company holds leading positions in the markets it serves across the globe. Their single-use products that have meanwhile become established in nearly all process steps are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. As a result, the customers produce biological medications and vaccines safely and efficiently.


Main products:

Filtration Products







Ultrapure water system

Fermentors and Bio-reactors

Bioprocessing bags