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Programmable Nucleases
EnGen® Spy Cas9 NLS
  • Ideal for direct introduction of Cas9/sgRNA complexes
  • Dual NLS for improved transport to the nucleus
  • Compatible with EnGen® sgRNA Synthesis Kit, S. pyogenes and the EnGen Mutation Detection Kit
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sgRNA Synthesis Reagents and Kits
EnGen® sgRNA Synthesis Kit, S. pyogenes
  • Rapid generation of microgram quantities of sgRNA
  • Complete workflow of less than one hour
  • Simple protocol requires only a user-supplied ~55 nucleotide ssDNA target-specific oligonucleotide
  • Compatible with EnGen Spy Cas9 NLS, EnGen Spy Cas9 Nickase, EnGen Spy dCas9 (SNAP-tag®)
Mutation Detection Reagents and Kits
EnGen® Mutation Detection Kit
  • Simple protocol for detecting targeting efficiency in genome editing experiments
  • Optimized reagents for performing robust T7 Endonuclease-based detection of genome editing events
  • Q5® Hot Start High Fidelity 2X Master Mix included for robust amplification, high fidelity and convenience
  • Rapid protocol requires no cleanup between PCR and digestion
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CRISPR screening
  • Cloned Oligo Pools
    • Plasmid DNA in a pool
    • Up to 250nt
    • Cloned into a vector of your choice
Why choose us?
  • High Accuracy - 1:3000nt low error rate, Precision Editing of Target Loci
  • High Uniformity - Maximize Screening Efficiency
  • Oligo Lengths Up to 300nt - More Space for Innovation
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