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Sartorius Biostat B is a benchtop fermenter | bioreactor. It provides process optimization in different applications, with affordable costs.

  1. Automated environment control in: pH, temperature, gas concentration… and more.
  2. Advanced sensor and software: providing more information about your process. Get optimization in your next fermentation.
  3. Changeable Scaling: From 0.35L to 10L, 1 vessel or 2 vessels, you can up-scale or down-scale anytime.
  4. Analyse your fermentation by BioPAT MFCS: know the data consistency across the whole fermentation
  1. Biopharmaceuticals and vaccines production
  2. Small-scale production of protein
  3. Research and education in different cells or microbes.
Culture types
  1. Mammalian
  2. Microbial
  3. Yeast
  4. Fungi
Sartoflow® Smart Small-Scale Benchtop TFF System

Patented Aerospray® Technology
The Sartoflow is a modular benchtop Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF). It provides the optimization in your ultrafiltration and diafiltration in your downstream processes. Sartoflow can help you to develop small batch cGMP production.

  1. Excellent flexibility - Suitable for membrane from 50cm2 to 0.14cm2. Further optional customization can be provided.
  2. Intuitive operation - Sartoflow provides an intuitive software that helps you automatically run the customized sequences. It can optimize your Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration process.
  3. Important for process scalability - No matter scale-up and scale-down studies, Sartoflow assists you to establish your process parameters.
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Sartocheck® 5 Filter Tester
The Sartocheck 5 Plus is a filter integrity tester for today's key inductry requirements in demanding GMP environments. You can perform the filter integrity test for your filter with stable and safe conditions.

  1. Automatic detection of improper test: any measurement outside the desired range will be aborted. Prevent any over-pressure test.
  2. Capable to all sizes of filter: syringe filter, cartridge filter, or capule filter.
  3. Generate reports for the GMP requirements.
Filter integrity tests:
  1. Bubble Point Test
  2. Diffusion Test
  3. Water intrusion
Mycoplasma Detection
The New Gold Standard for Mycoplasma Detection with Microsart® Mycoplasma qPCR Kits.
  • Reliable Results wihtin 3 hours
  • Ensure Validated Test Results in Compliance with International Standards
  • Microsart® AMP and ATMP Mycoplasma Kits are validated according to EP 2.6.7 for sensitivity, specificity, and robustness. They also fulfill the criteria of international authorities, such as USP and JP.
  • Eliminate Contamination Risks with the Only Kit with Non-infectious Mycoplasma Validation Standards
  • Start Testing Right Away with Your Existing Equipment and Our Easy-to-use Kit
Available Reagent kits:
  • Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit - For controlling raw materials, in-process testing, and lot release testing of finished products
  • Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma Kit - For testing cell-based therapeutics (ATMPs) such as autologous chondrocyte transplants or CAR-T cells
  • Microsart® RESEARCH Mycoplasma Kit - For detection of Mycoplasma DNA in cell culture supernatants in research and development labs
  • Validation standards - Available of various Mycoplasma, bacteria and Fungus strains required by EP 2.6.7
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HOKLAS Accredited Calibration Services

Sartorius Hong Kong is now an HOKLAS-accredited calibration service provider.
Registration No.: HOKLAS 306
Available calibration services included:
  • Pipettes Calibration: Calibration for delivered volume in accordance with ISO 8655-6: 2002 and verification for maximum permissible systematic error and random error as specified in ISO 8655-2: 2002
  • Mass and Electronic Balances Calibration: On-site calibration for mass using OIML Class E2 standard weights from 1 mg to 5 kg
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